Equaxion – EPTABOLA CD

Sound, shapes, family, passion: so many things conditioned my life and led me to an alternative and not standard way of thinking.

It’s been almost seven years since i came back in Rome, starting everything from the beginning, one more time.

I found very long-standing friends like Tommy – an artist i always respected since we were just kids – Max and all the brothers of Eclypserecords (though i never really lost sight of them),

i had 2 wonderful daughters and i’ll never thank enough my wife for this…

Seven… odd number, a number that in some way always brought me luck.

Music has always been in my life, since i was just a little handful of cells.

Unlike my family, composed by lyric singers and musicians, i was more interested in the technical side of music, breaking it up into prime factors and then  putting them back together, often with no idea of where i was going and what i wanted to achieve.

Eptabola is a collection of my thoughts and experiments of recent years, made of metrics not always linear, melodies, dissonances…and so much love for music.

Soon on Compact disc…….