Massimo Salustri

Massimo Salustri

He enters the world of music in 1977 at age 14 the preparation of the tracks for DJs of the first Italian private radio.

But the place does not like, she gets involved immediately the art of DJing and under the guidance of his first teacher; CLAUDIO CATALDI learned the first techniques, the first club in which work was the ‘Shangri là’ in Rome, later, thanks to the friendship with WILLIAM JOHN DYSON, he joined the staff of the Penny club Frascati, still regarded as one of the most important clubs of central Italy in those years, specializes in the meantime following a still active dj and very appreciated in Italy and Europe; MARCO TRANI, he has gained recognition for the musical style “stealing with the eyes” during those unforgettable evenings at Easy Going in Rome.

He works as a DJ until 1986 and that, meanwhile, begins to explore the world of recording studios, the learning period lasts until 1989, the same year, he founded together with any Roman recording musicians recording the Universe, with this label He produced his first album entitled TEC-NO-LIMITED-AREA, followed by all made for Musica Studio Watt  Rome, later participated in the realization of FELLINIANA compilation, dedicated to Grand master Federico Fellini on the occasion of the delivery of the Oscars and released on Flying records.

In the summer of 1993 working as a co-producer of the individual licensed to Cutting records LAURA O ‘& THE HEARTBEAT LINE ‘RHYTHM‘, 80. 000 copies sold in the US and various licenses in Europe, radio broadcasting, guests at Midem, a good time, but the artists are independent and so in 1995, Massimo founded his own production label: Eclypserecords.

From that moment he could devote his time to the electronic music, at that moment, a new musical genre is taking the place of the House in Europe music, is known as ‘Progressive’ and Massimo, enchanted by those sounds, you dedicating himself fully to the new type, which since then follows the evolution of it trying to offer its products to the public that despite being in the range dictated by Tendence could contain appear melodic staff, for him, music is not an opportunity to take the money but a tool to give peace of mind to people and since then works with this philosophy.

The meeting with Jamaster A is a thing of our days, are known through my space the exchange of friendship which then lost sight of, that are on the face book at any time after, Jamaster offers its own production of remixes’ X William Gill’ in the scenes and Massimo accepts, realizes his remix and Jamaster like, the proposed Bells of Tiananmen comes next, it is a challenge, a track recognized by all as the anthem trance and already remixed by big producers. . . . . . . . . . . There will be a lot of work, but Massimo, he has 41 years experience, now, we think can give something back to a track so much already remixed and he accepts this challenge, his version of the Tiananmen bells like and enters be a part of the Bells of Tiananmen project 2. 01 released in September 2010 on label 2 Play (Spinning records).
Today he made his experience, the art of DJ is a hobby, now he spends a few nights with his old friends in some clubs, vinyl or CD, old or new music, it makes no difference. Now the most important thing is his label.Stay tuned. . . . . .