Katana music


Eclypserecords needed space in which to place different sounds than those that characterized him, Katana was born for that. Fast, aggressive, sharp, just like the weapon of the ancient Samurai. Katana will be democratic, the tracks will be published without the artist’s name, the publications will be indicated by the title, the artist will be only a catalog number: Katana 01, 02, 03 …… Behind every productions one can conceal a great author or a perfect stranger, it will be people who will decide the most or less important success of a track, we believe that will be the music to win, without the conditioning of the name. It’s a courageous choice, maybe we’ll have to should into market rules, but at least we’ll try, we’ll soon be able to tell you how to post your promo. Meanwhile, we thank all those who are encouraging us for our choices.