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Third edition about these tracks. We have proposed the original versions, we have proposed the remixes made in soft key. Now we ask how these tracks would have been if they had been realized today ? Dynamic remixes tried to give an answer to this question.

Oasi (In the garden mix)

You may wonder why “in the garden”, very simple, the first draft of the arrangement took place in this way, with a laptop, on a bench in a garden. It went well like that


Reversion Pt. I Equaxion glitched mix

We could not entrust one track to Giuseppe Equaxion Taddei. Few sounds but essential to realize an unmistakable Remix, a taste for the unconventional things, emerges powerfully In this contribution dedicated to those who love to sail in ways musically not much popular. We really appreciate and thanking Equaxion for his work add: it could not be otherwise.

Reversion Pt. II Massimo Salustri NRG Mix

This version was needed, realized by Massimo Salustri, is a fast, nervous Remix, in pure and authentic Trance style. A classic that it will integrate well in the DJ sets of fans of the genre. We discovered three tracks closed in a drawer, listening to them and remixing them we did a nice trip back in time, we proposed those atmospheres to many that there were not and we paid tribute to those who with their contributions have shaped the magical sound mix many still recognize as the “sound of Rome”.

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Release date: 2016
Label Code: Ecps 0035